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True to its roots, Aira Hotel pays homage to Thai culture and architecture, shown through a fresh and cosmopolitan lens.

The name, Aira, is drawn from ‘Airavata’, the white elephant that carries the Hindu deity Indra, god of Tavatimsa heaven and a guardian deity in Buddhism. The elephant also features in our logo, while the arch shapes used to create it were derived from the hotel’s exterior architecture on the front part of the building. Also known as ‘elephant of the clouds’, Airavata was believed to be the king-god of elephants. It is also related to Buddha’s conception since his mother, Maya, is said to have dreamed that a white elephant with six tusks entered her right side — a sign of divine conception — and seven days after his birth she died and was reborn in Tavatimsa.

'Hotel’s interior is inspired by the rich royal and cross -cultural heritage of the Rattanakosin era'

In Thai culture, white elephants (chang phueak) are considered to be sacred and auspicious. They belong lawfully to the King, while some of them are given royal titles. Historically, the status of kings has been rated by the number of white elephants they had in their possession, which were sometimes given as presents to friends and allies. Hence, they are regarded as royal animals and a symbol of the King’s majesty.

Aira hotel was designed to convey this exact sense of grandeur and nobility, offering a sublime setting for our guests and visitors. The hotel’s interior was inspired by the rich royal and cross-cultural heritage of the Rattanakosin era, which saw a unique blend of traditional Thai designs and European colonial influences. The lobby walls host an art gallery, where all visitors can gaze at old photos of Bangkok and Siam purchased from small vendors all over the country. Airavata himself plays a central part in the décor, as the white elephant features in many ornaments and furnishings across the premises.

Designed with a generous touch of quality and comfort, Aira Hotel is a modern oasis in the heart of Bangkok that echoes style and respite. The hand-selected use of cultural elements and historical influences in the decor delivers an exceptional and distinctive atmosphere. Our guests can fully immerse themselves in a unique artisanal Thai experience, without having to compromise on convenience or comfort. From the moment of check-in, we guarantee a level of personal care and service designed to match the hotel’s bespoke and exquisite setting.

Celebrating Thai culture while providing our guests with the best of modern luxuries is kind of our signature — and we've added some irresistible perks to make sure you notice that.


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